Good News 13 Jan 2023

Good News 13 January 2023

Good News is back for 2023. Click on the image to see more good news and links to articles

World First: South Australia’s 100% renewables run extends to over 10 days Renew Economy

NSW Planning permits landscape rehydration infrastructure works without consent The Mulloon Institute

United Nations’ scientific assessment finds ozone layer is healing ABC News

Thermal drones locate elusive northern NSW koalas in area scorched by bushfires ABC North Coast

Potential new species are being uncovered as Great Artesian Basin water surfaces in new springs ABC Rural

Plastic on Australia’s beaches cut by almost a third CSIRO

Release of 10 quolls boosts ‘insurance’ population of endangered marsupial The Guardian

Critically endangered spotted handfish from Tasmania successfully bred interstate ABC News

Twinnies’ future secure as philanthropist offers $1 million for Pelican and Seabird Rescue centre  ABC Rural

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