Support truth in political advertising and protect the Voice Referendum

Question Everything, Stop the Lies

It can be hard to know who to believe in politics. It doesn’t help that lying in political advertising in federal and NSW elections is legal.

Companies large and small must comply with truth in advertising laws. Why can pollies lie with impunity? Doesn’t political lying undermine democracy?  

If you’re shocked about this, and worried about the implications for the coming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice referendum, please write to the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Senator Don Farrell, Special Minister of State. 

Teal independent candidate Zali Steggall’s bill to STOP THE LIES is coming back to the federal parliament. It looks like a good place to start a process of cleaning up political advertising. 

Nannas will be writing to the PM and Senator Farrell this week, and we’ll be making these points. We hope you will write to them too. 

  • We are sick of misleading, deceptive and untruthful information coming from political candidates and we want change.
  • Voters have a right to truthful and clear information so they can make informed decisions.
  • We are concerned about spin and lies by politicians corrupting the referendum on the Voice. It has already started!
  • If political lies are reduced through strong legislation around advertising it will help people engage with political issues.


The Hon Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister
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Senator the Hon D. E. Farrell, Special Minister of State
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Phone: (08) 8231

Let your local MP know your concerns – find their contact details here

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