Good News 31 March 2023

This Week's Good News 31 March 2023

Lots more good news this week about renewable energy, steel production, sustainable jet fuel, a water and cost saving experiment, and an Australian manufacturer exporting solar panels.

Australia passes most significant climate law in a decade The Guardian

New pollution trigger in safeguard mechanism to challenge future coal and gas projects ABC Live Blog

‘Beginning of a new era’: Pacific islanders hail UN vote on climate justice The Guardian

Wetlands Revival Trust, a conservation-minded group of farmers, build a wildlife haven in a swamp ABC Landline

New funds to test hydrogen jet that could fly from Australia to Europe in four hours Renew Economy

Rooftop solar systems supplied more electricity to Australia during last summer than brown coal, setting a record SBS News

Household battery uptake surges to record high amid market turmoil, rocketing prices ABC News

In a world desperate to go green, NSW steel town is providing a solution Sydney Morning Herald

Plans are taking off for Australia’s first sustainable jet fuel refinery Sydney Morning Herald

Victorian town of Birregurra undertakes water and cost-saving experiment ABC Radio Melbourne

Farmers take on renewable energy sources in face of rising electricity costs ABC Rural

Electric vehicles: Batteries on wheels can make grid smaller, says network owner Renew Economy

Australia’s only solar module manufacturer is now exporting PV panels to Vietnam Renew Economy

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