Nanna’s begin #fundourfuturenotgas campaign at Kirribilli House

Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends have joined with other groups to pressure the federal government to #fundourfuturenotgas. While gas companies knock on farmers doors, uninvited, asking for access, Nannas started their week of action at the gates of Kirribilli House, the PM’s residence in Sydney.

People passing by called out their support or gave us the thumbs up signal. The NSW police drove up just as we were wrapping up a video shoot for social media. We told them we were about to leave and they said they would let the Federal Police know. We waved at the security cameras on the gate, showed them our banners and left.

At the nearby reserve overlooking the Opera House and Harbour Bridge more photos and videos were taken for social media. We want to show people overseas that not all Australians support our federal government’s lack of action on climate change.

Holding up our signs, we walked past Milsons Point’s cafes. The lunch crowd was very supportive. When asked what they wanted the government to spend taxpayers’ money on instead of gas, some of the things they said were education, healthcare, community battery storage and fixing up the grid to accommodate renewables.

After a quick break the Nannas moved on to North Sydney to Trent Zimmerman’s office where they talked to his team about #fundourfuturenotgas. A busy but fun day for the Nannas, creating awareness in the community.

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