Nannas and Students against Kurri Kurri Gas

Sydney Knitting Nannas were joined by USyd Enviro Collective today to protest against the Hunter Gas-Fired Power Station at Kurri Kurri in Martin Place. Lots of speeches, singing and dancing!

We called on Rob Stokes, NSW Planning Minister, to reject the Morrison government’s gas-fired power station at Kurri Kurri.  The NSW government has so far fallen into line behind the Morrison government’s ‘’gas led recovery’’ by approving the Narrabri Gas Project in the Pilliga forest, failing to cancel expired gas exploration licences, and marking out areas of the far west for potential shale gas mining. 

Will the NSW government listen to the science or sign off on the Hunter Gas Power Station?

A huge range of scientists and economists have publically stated why the Hunter Gas Power Station should not go ahead.  

  • Gas peaking plants are not needed for our energy security when Liddell coal-fired plant closes
  • The market already has commitments for battery storage to ensure energy security   
  • Producing more gas cannot lower the cost of energy because there are cheaper, cleaner and safer alternatives available
  • The transportation, processing and burning of gas in the Hunter will increase emissions and worsen the area’s dangerous levels of air pollution
  • It’s a massive waste of taxpayers’ money – would you invest $600 million in a white elephant?
  • It rewards several Liberal Party donors who own the Kurri Kurri site and want to extract more gas or build pipelines.

It is time for the Berejiklian government to listen to expert advice on gas infrastructure and say NO THANKS to Scott Morrison’s gas power plant.

And you can do one thing 
Either call Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning & Public Spaces, on 02 8574 6707 or write to him. He’s the one with the power to stop this.

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