Good News 11 February 2022

For links to news articles and more good news about decarbonising steel making, renewable energy uptake and wildlife preservation click on the image……..

High Court rejects South Korean company’s request to appeal Bylong Valley coal mine ABC News

Greenpeace has researched the greenest electricity providers so you don’t have to  The Green Electricity Guide 

Australia’s first green hydrogen project certified – refuelling station in Canberra Smart Energy Council

Australians can cut emissions – and save $5000 a year Financial Review

Tagged turtle does U-turn days before Tongan volcanic eruption ABC News

University of Newcastle to work with BHP on ‘decarbonising steelmaking’ Newcastle Herald

Australians install record amounts of rooftop solar despite lockdown ABC News

Clean Energy Council calls for 100% renewable electricity grid by 2030, and no new coal or gas plants Renew Economy

Behind an electrified fence are thousands of hectares where cats and foxes aren’t welcome Sydney Morning Herald

ABC welcomes ‘funding certainty’ The Guardian 

Tracking echidna poo unearths largest ever sightings of elusive species across Australia The Guardian

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