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The NSW government is reviewing the building standards for the state and the new standards are open for public comment until 28 February. The reviews only happen every ten years so please join Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends in calling for these changes. 

  • No new gas connections to residential dwellings
  • Change the status of gas from a low to a high emissions energy

What is BASIX?

All new homes, and renovations over $50,000 in NSW must meet the The Building and Sustainability Index (BASIX) sustainability standards. These standards address the energy and water use and the thermal performance of a development.

BASIX review

New higher Basix standards are currently on exhibition. The government’s new standards have taken into account electricity being more environmentally efficient but have not updated their assessment of gas.

“The NSW electricity grid has, over time, become greener as we produce more electricity from renewable energy sources. We plan to recognise this in the proposed new energy standards by updating the greenhouse emissions factor when we calculate the energy consumption.” Page 4.  

A home that includes ‘all electric’ appliances meets proposed higher BASIX requirements. A home that includes electric and gas appliances meets the proposed higher BASIX standards only if solar panels are installed. Page 5 diagrams

For full documentation click here. Scroll to the end to click on Make a Submission and a form will pop up, or check out our

Submissions due Monday 28 February 2022

Note: Buildings that are all electric can be powered by renewable energy, greatly lowering emissions and energy costs. If we build in gas we build in dirty energy for decades.

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