Next step to block gas in NSW

For the Kurri Kurri gas plant to go ahead it needs 50km of pipelines to carry and store the gas. The Kurri Kurri Lateral Pipeline Project is now open for public comment. Submissions close on 10 May.

The project is a shocker – huge steel pipes planned to carry gas under pressure for 30 years, through the habitat of the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot. Millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, justified by the proponent as a net zero because the project will support a switch from coal to renewables. Five ongoing jobs.

The Gas Free Hunter Alliance has produced a submission guide to assist us. Short submissions in your own words are fine. Focus on the dangers of the pipeline project rather than the gas power plant itself. Please share to your friends.

APA – Environmental Impact Statement
NSW Planning – Kurri Kurri Lateral Pipeline Project
Nanna hints on how to write a submission

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