Integrity and Climate Election

Not having a robust Integrity Commission at a federal level enables more than rorting of grants programs, it’s blocking the serious climate action we need. Legal, but essentially corrupt behaviour, has empowered those businesses with the most to lose from a move towards clean energy.

Many of the companies with the highest emissions and the most money also have the best lobbyists. Therefore, big business has an enormous influence over our politicians.

We need to change laws to make elections fair. While fossil fuel companies are allowed to make huge donations to both major political parties, parliament won’t deliver on climate action. Whichever party forms government, they are indebted to their donors.

The “revolving door” between federal politics and the fossil fuel industries has shown us the close ties between these spheres. Pollies jobs aren’t usually secure so what we’ve seen is many of them going directly to the fossil mining industries when their political careers crash.

Australia needs to join the global pledge to reduce methane emissions and phase out coal power generation by 2035. Our economy, jobs, national security and our international relations are at risk if we don’t.

Join Knitting Nannas from up and down the coast on Friday 13 May from 11am as they gather in Martin Place near Elizabeth Street before marching to the Minerals Council premises and then to the top end of Martin Place.

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