Solidarity actions against anti-protest laws

Bronwyn, Caroline and Janet met up with long time friend of the Nannas, Col, on Tuesday to attend the court hearing at Penrith for the Blockade Australia activists. The two imprisoned activists were released on bail, but with outrageous bail restrictions.

Family members said they appreciated Nanna presence. It’s important that we show that the new laws affect everyone.

Media Reports

Inside chaotic raid on eco-warrior camp – Daily Mail
Extraordinary details can be revealed of a chaotic police raid on a property alleged to be the base of operations for notorious climate activists, after cops in camouflage were sprung sneaking around the camp.

The importance of protesting anti-protest laws ABC RN
As climate and environment protest action steps up in the wake of more floods on the East Coast of Australia, state governments are cracking down on protesters with new laws in NSW and Tasmania imposing harsh financial penalties and jail terms for any activities deemed to disrupt economic activity. Similar laws are being considered in Victoria.

As Blockade Australia concludes a week of climate protests in Sydney, police are using extraordinary tactics against the group, arresting and rearresting dozens of people. By Wendy Bacon. The Saturday Paper

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