Nannas Plot at a Retreat

Last week a group of Sydney Knitting Nannas left the city for the country, taking a few days to recharge, sing and plot.  They were fun-filled days with lots of activities and food. 

First thing each day was a Qigong class with Nanna Penny on the verandah where we could tune into the noises of nature. A relaxing way to start the day.

IMG_1851 (2)

When the weather cleared we made videos, causing great hilarity for the novice actors and camera crew. We hope they get a laugh on our social media. We worked on interview skills and solved some technical problems. 

There were walks when it was fine, sticking to the roads to avoid the leeches which were everywhere in the bush after all the rain.

We practiced singing our favourite songs, parodies about coal, gas and climate change, under the direction of our patient choirmaster, Nanna Penny.

With the NSW state election in mind we plotted future actions and what to focus on leading up to March 25.

A happy time, getting to know each other better, and having lots of laughs.

Rosie the kelpie loved the walks and found Nannas who’d throw the ball. She added chaos to the croquet, and then at the end seriously blotted her copy book by stealing the meaty lamb bone left over from dinner. One shameless dog, one mortified owner. 

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