Tamboran AGM Rally

Shareholders of Tamboran Resources were drummed into their AGM in Margaret Street in Sydney on Friday. A rowdy group, including the XR Drummers, greeted the shareholders outside the venue and then continued the racket while the meeting took place upstairs.

Plan to visit the Pilliga?

The Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends recently travelled to northwest NSW to see for themselves not only Santos’ unwanted gasfield in the Pilliga forest, but also the many attractions the area has to offer visitors. The Nannas’ blog has now been updated with more photos and information to help you plan a trip there too.

Final Day of Nanna’s Listening Tour

The last day of the Sydney Knitting Nannas’ Listening tour began at the quirky Feathers Café in Cassilis Street, on the eastern side of Coonabarabran’s main street. Here we met with members of Coonabarabran Residents Against Gas (CRAG), some of whom are also Knitting Nannas.

Narrabri – gasfields, renewables, distillery and rock

Narrabri, located in Gomeroi Country, is a town divided by Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project. Business owners who stand to benefit financially from the project support it, while people operating long standing enterprises reliant on clean water are strongly against it. Others are too frightened to have an opinion because they, or a member of theirContinue reading “Narrabri – gasfields, renewables, distillery and rock”