Athletes and teams from various sports across Australia are ditching fossil fuel companies as sponsors. Following a public outcry, Tennis Australia dropped Santos sponsorship from the Australian Open after one year. Now a video captures the Sydney Knitting Nannas chasing Santos off the croquet court.

Cash poor sporting clubs are a target for advertising dollars from unethical industries and those with harmful products to sell. The tobacco industry was the first to take advantage of sportswashing and it proved to be very successful, increasing their sales.

The tobacco industry’s marketing strategy has been copied by companies selling alcohol, gambling, fast food and soft drinks. Now the fossil fuel industry is using it to sway public opinion and to silence opposition, especially in towns where they operate.

Santos also sponsors national sporting events in cycling and rugby. Please let your sporting body know if you don’t want a fossil fuel company sponsoring your favourite sport.

Sign Getups petition to kick fossil fuels out of sports

In the news:
Majority agree with banning fossil fuel sponsorship in sport
New polling reveals the majority of Australians (53%) support a ban on fossil fuel companies sponsoring national sporting teams, with only 32% opposed. The polling also shows three in five Australians (60%) agree fossil fuel sponsorship ‘is the new cigarette advertising’. The Australian Institute

Netball Australia receives more huge sponsorship news in wake of Gina Rinehart’s $15m backflip 7 News

Pat Cummins says he will not appear in any more ads for energy sponsor of Cricket Australia The Guardian 

High-profile Fremantle Dockers supporters call on club to end Woodside sponsorship deal ABC News

Tamboran Resources is a sponsor and official energy partner for the Dolphins NRL team, a new team in the national competition, based in Brisbane. Tamboran has recently bought Origin Energy’s stake in fracking the Beetaloo Basin in the NT, hence their promise to prioritise the growth of rugby league in the Northern Territory. Dolphins NRL Club Media

Fossil fuel companies sponsor Australian sports to the tune of $14m-$18m a year, researchers find. The Guardian

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