Contact your NSW election candidates

Before contacting your candidates identify the topics you want to discuss. These topics should be what you’ve been campaigning on or are familiar with. If you and your family have been personally affected by climate catastrophes like floods and fires your story is a way to express concern about climate change and the continued useContinue reading “Contact your NSW election candidates”

Koalas & Logging – information & questions for NSW election candidates

In 2012 the Koala was declared a Threatened Species. In June 2020 a NSW Upper House Inquiry found that koalas would be extinct in NSW by 2050 unless governments took urgent action to protect their habitat. Most of the evidence for this inquiry was taken before the 2019/20 bushfires when more than 5,000 koalas died. Continue reading “Koalas & Logging – information & questions for NSW election candidates”

Letter to Premier re Narrabri Gas

Dear Premier, The media has reported that you will be meeting Santos CEO, Kevin Gallagher, during this week to talk about approval of the Narrabri Gas Project. This project has united Gomeroi people, farmers, environmentalists, unionists, scientists and economists, a feat politicians can only dream of! I am a member of the environmental group theContinue reading “Letter to Premier re Narrabri Gas”


Athletes and teams from various sports across Australia are ditching fossil fuel companies as sponsors. Following a public outcry, Tennis Australia dropped Santos sponsorship from the Australian Open after one year. Now a video captures the Sydney Knitting Nannas chasing Santos off the croquet court.

Nannas say NO to incinerators

Sydney Knitting Nannas and Friends attended a rally outside the Land & Environment Court on Tuesday about the New Generation Energy from Waste Facility at Eastern Creek. Western Sydney residents have fought off the incinerators twice but the industry hasn’t given up. Nannas are calling for real solutions to the waste crisis, and a banContinue reading “Nannas say NO to incinerators”