Nannas at Whitehaven Coal AGM

Whitehaven’s AGM on Thursday was more than the executives bargained for. Environmental groups rallied outside the meeting at the Mint in Sydney, while in the meeting shareholders questioned the company’s plans to double coal production in the midst of a climate emergency.

Nannas were there, along with Market Forces, Lock the Gate, Move Beyond Coal and other groups. The rally was chaired by activists from the Student Strike for Climate and the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change.

We are all too familiar with Whitehaven’s long record of environmental vandalism and climate destruction in the North West of NSW. It’s horrifying to think that they are planning on expanding coal production at a time when we need to be rapidly transitioning away from fossil fuel mining.

But there’s some good news – many more shareholders are getting the message about coal’s contribution to the climate emergency. A resolution to manage down coal gained the support of more than 20% of shareholders. The shareholders supporting the resolution want Whitehaven to return capital to shareholders and start a just transition for their workers and communities.

Nannas appreciate the work of Market Forces and Lock the Gate in exposing Whitehaven to its shareholders and the wider community.  Unfortunately there is no sign of Whitehaven listening to climate science. They are hell bent on maximizing profits and continuing to increase global emissions for as long as they can find a market for coal.

In response there are ethical options we can take. Firstly continue to support Gomeroi traditional custodians, farmers and communities fighting to protect the environment and food production in the North West. And secondly we can support campaigns to stop investments in Whitehaven. See our Action of the Week for something you can do now.

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