Nanna condemns police intimidation

Knitting Nannas gather in Martin Place

Media Release: The Climate Coalition Sydney is alarmed by police intimidation of environmentalists in the lead up to the International Mining and Resources Conference next week. The alliance of climate action and environmental groups has vowed to continue to rally against expanding coal and gas mining and to push for a step up in actions on climate change.

Over the last five days, sixteen activists have been visited by police in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. In Sydney police read out NSW anti-protest laws and warned activists against protesting against the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC).

Marie Flood, a Knitting Nanna, said one Sydney activist suffered a police visit at 10pm at night. He was questioned and warned about the penalties available to police in the draconian NSW anti-protest laws. On the back of extreme and deadly floods that have resulted in two deaths and severe widespread damage, the police are attempting to stop us protesting the corporate culprits and their well-resourced plans to wreck the climate’, said Flood. 

‘We believe it’s critical that the community knows about these police actions because they need to stop. We will keep on raising the alarm about attempts to scare us into silence and we will keep on protesting’, concluded Flood.

Chris Black, from School Strike for Climate and Climate Coalition Sydney, was also accosted by police after an action he participated in against Whitehaven Coal on Thursday 28 October.

Chris said ‘A few hours after protesting Whitehaven’s Annual General Meeting, while in a cafe, we were approached by police asking us about IMARC protests. I am a minor and the police filmed me without adults giving any permission. IMARC is a Conference for 800+ mining companies. We need to protest against IMARC. It is our future these polluters are planning to destroy.’

The Climate Coalition Sydney contains forty NSW-based environment, civil and political groups who have endorsed COP27 Sydney protest for the UN Environment Conference in Egypt, COP27. The Sydney protest is on November 12, 12 noon at Sydney Town Hall. The protest is calling on Australia to stop expanding fossil fuels, and climate justice now! It calls on the government to

– No new fossil fuel projects, including Kurri Kurri, Narrabri, Beetaloo and Scarborough
– Stop the power companies profiteering: 100% publicly owned renewable energy by 2030
– Just transition now: funding for climate jobs, free education and training, liveable welfare
– First Nations justice: Stop Santos’ attack on Gomeroi Native Title
– Stop mining in Sydney’s water catchment
– Defend the right to protest: stop the criminalisation of climate protesters

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