Good News 4 Nov 2022

Good News

See all the good news and links to articles, including networks find smarter ways to shift more renewables around the grid, win for yellow bellied gliders and greater gliders in Victoria, standard chargers to cut waste and more……

Climate scientists hail Brazil election results as a victory for ‘humanity and life itself’ Yahoo!News

Coal and gas projects to be reassessed after conservation group wins legal bid on climate change impacts ABC News

NSW new plastic ban will divert 2.7 billion plastic items from oceans Global Travel Media

Renewable energy contributes record 68.7% of power to Australia’s main grid for brief period The Guardian

Life in the fast(er) lane for NSW EV owners continues SolarQuotes Blog

Networks find smarter ways to shift more renewables around the grid Renew Economy

Utilities install software to manage rapid addition of renewable assets, without requiring major infrastructure upgrades Utility Magazine

Win for Yellow Bellied Gliders and Greater Gliders in the Supreme Court this morning in EEG and KFF vs VicForests Friends of Bats and Habitat Gippsland

EU will require USB-C to be the charger standard for smartphones, tablets, and cameras to cut electronic waste. Tech Xplore

Australian EV conversion startup merges with UK firm to turn classic cars electric The Guardian

Victoria to sponsor Australian Diamonds netball team after Hancock Prospecting exit The Guardian

European Union bans sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2035 to boost electric vehicle uptake ABC News

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