Tamboran AGM Rally

Sydney Knitting Nannas outside Tamboran AGM
Shareholders of Tamboran Resources were drummed into their AGM in Margaret Street in Sydney on Friday. A rowdy group, including the XR Drummers, greeted the shareholders outside the venue and then continued the racket while the meeting took place upstairs.

Two Traditional Owners spoke to the protesters and then went into the meeting to again tell Tamboran that they do not consent to fracking in the Beetaloo Basin. They had travelled from their remote NT communities to again express their opposition to fracking on their country.

Sydney Knitting Nannas were there to support them, along with Getup and other groups.

Tamboran acquired Origin Energy’s assets in the Beetaloo Basin in November. Fracking for shale gas is an extremely water-intensive practice. Shale gas is found much deeper than coal seam gas and each fracking operation uses large amounts of chemicals, placing water resources at risk. More about shale gas here.

Nicholas Fitzpatrick, one of the Traditional Owners, recently gave us all this callout:

“Beetaloo is going to open up all this gas and all these problems that point us in the wrong direction. We have had enough. We’ve been protecting country for a long time, we can lead the way, we just need the support from everybody all across Australia to stop industries like this. We need to do the work to heal things, to push for the transition, stick together, and fight – all together.”

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