Get to know your candidates

Get to know your NSW election candidates now

Start researching candidates who have nominated in your electorate. Follow them on social media up until the NSW state elections on March 25.

Find your electorate, current MP and registered candidates.

1. Find your electorate by entering your address in this search engine.

2. Find your member of parliament in the Legislative Council (Lower House) by searching the parliament database

3. Registered candidates for March election listed here. Nominations closed 8 March. Wikipedia list of Candidates.

Research candidates and the parties

  1. Are you in a marginal electorate? Are you in an electorate with a retiring member? As nominations close March 8, an official list of candidates has not been released. Go to your favourite search engine and enter – name of current MP, name of electorate, candidates 2023.
  2. Check out news stories and candidate websites.
  3. Keep up to date with what’s happening with the candidates and their announcements at: The Guardian Australia – NSW election 2023
    Anthony Green electoral pendulum for the 2023 NSW election
  4. Some Independent candidates may be like the Teal Independents elected to the federal parliament, but there are many other independents so you will need to research them individually.

Major parties’ policies and media reports – includes articles from 2019 onwards

NSW Liberal Nation Party Coalition
NSW Government action on climate change

Media Reports:
Matt Kean announces NSW target to cut carbon emissions by 70% by 2035 The Guardian
NSW Labor Announces Net Zero Legislation Chris Minns website
Perrottet’s Big Lie: NSW’s ‘strong’ record on environment Independent Australia

NSW Labor Party
NSW Climate Change Emissions Target Bill introduced by the Hon P G Sharpe, MLC
NSW Labor State Platform – Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN)
Penny Sharpe on Fossil Fuels from Hansard

Media Reports:

NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns proposed ban on fossil fuel donations in 2019 The Guardian
Labor releases a raft of policies to protect the environment of NSW 2019 Mirage
The Labour Movement & Climate Change: A Worker-Led Recovery 2021 Unprecedented Times Magazine
NSW Labor wants emissions reduction targets enshrined in law 2021

NSW Greens

Animal Justice Party

Socialist Alliance

Media General
CSIRO & BOM State of the Climate 2022

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