Contact your NSW election candidates

Before contacting your candidates identify the topics you want to discuss. These topics should be what you’ve been campaigning on or are familiar with. If you and your family have been personally affected by climate catastrophes like floods and fires your story is a way to express concern about climate change and the continued use of fossil fuels and their impact on climate.

If you want to contact your MP search the parliament database. If they are a new candidate search on the internet for a website with contact details.

Meet in person, write a letter or email, or phone your local member of state parliament and/or other local candidates.

They may not have time for individual meetings but they may engage with groups. Or contact their office to find out where they will be meeting the public. After meeting with an MP or candidate provide further information by email with hyperlinks.

If you choose to write to your MP keep it brief. 1,000 words is plenty. Be personal and use local examples to make your point. Suggest positive alternatives to the problems you see and experience. Provide hyperlinks to any sources at the end of your correspondence.

Whatever you do let candidates know your support is contingent on what is best for the planet, our climate etc and your vote will depend on how well they and their party respond to your concerns.

SUGGESTED QUESTIONS FOR CANDIDATES – see also information sheets

Liberal National Party Coalition (LNP) –  Is reducing emissions by 70 per cent compared to 2005 levels by 2035 an aim or a promise? How will you do it?

Australian Labor Party (ALP) – What is your party’s emission reduction target by 2035 compared to 2005 level? How will you do it?

Will your party work for a rapid transition from coal in NSW – no expansions, no new coal?

Do you support the biggest polluters being allowed to offset their emissions?

Will your party ban fossil fuel donations as well as donations from all of the gambling industry?

Do you support the current protest laws which have seen young activists incarcerated?

Candidates need volunteers to door knock and to attend pre-polling booths. If a candidate has, for example, a strong environmental platform, you don’t have to be in their electorate to volunteer to help them be elected. The best electorates to do this in are the marginal seats or where the incumbent is retiring and there is a chance for new blood.

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