Demand a stronger Safeguard Mechanism

Tell Albo - we need a fair dinkum Safeguard Mechanism that will reduce emissions

Currently, the government’s direction is towards allowing fossil fuel mining expansions to proceed.

A Safeguard Mechanism should force Australia’s biggest polluters to actually cut emissions at their facilities, not on paper. Offsets are an inadequate measure to ensure emission reductions. Emitters should be required to make direct reductions instead. Offsets will not solve climate change.

Approving new coal and gas expansions as well as new projects will undermine the ability of the Safeguard Mechanism to achieve the 2030 goals set for industrial emitters.

The Albanese Government should rule out international carbon credits as part of the Safeguard Mechanism because their integrity is too difficult to verify.

Read the Australian Conservation Foundation explainer and sign up.

Lock the Gate have a page of links to information you will need to meet with your local Federal MP to discuss the safeguard mechanism.

ABC VIDEO: Carbon Colonialism: Can carbon credits really save the planet?

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