Nanna loops are plotting across NSW

Nanna Loops outside NSW parliament

On Monday Nannas from Northern Rivers, Hunter, Central Coast, Gloucester, Illawarra, South Coast and Sydney got together online for a catchup on our activities and some combined plotting. We also agreed to come together for a min-conference in May in Sydney. 

During the catch up we heard that the Illawarra Nannas are involved in the Electrify 2515 campaign and are still trying to stop coal mining in Greater Sydney’s Water Catchment.

The Hunter, Central Coast and Gloucester Nannas are campaigning against logging the Bulga Forest, west of Port Macquarie – Save Bulga Forest. The Hunter Loop are also involved in the Landholder’s campaign against the Hunter Gas Pipeline.

Following a difficult year of cleaning up, rebuilding and caring for the community after the flood, the Lismore Nannas are back displaying signs on their weekly roadside vigils. They get lots of toots and thumbs up from passers by.

Milton Nannas and many other NSW coastal communities are challenging Zombie DAs – approved developments that have laid dormant for years – which are being revived now but many would not pass today’s planning rules. ABC News

NSW State Elections
All Nanna loops are calling on their NSW election candidates to protect koalas and stop the logging of native forests. Nannas are also calling for an end to the expansion of gas and coal mining and for energy from waste incinerators to be banned.  

Staunch opposition to the Santos Pilliga Gas Project, gas pipelines and exploration for coal seam gas on the Liverpool Plains remain central concerns for Nannas in our election work.

See our NSW Election Resources Kit with questions for candidates.

Nanna Watch

It’s not good enough for companies to be able to buy carbon offsets, carry on as usual and feel they have done the right thing. Carbon offsets should only be available for companies producing essential items and where they have already reduced emissions as much as they feasibly can. ABC VIDEO: Carbon Colonialism: Can carbon credits really save the planet?

Currently, the government’s direction is towards allowing fossil fuel mining expansions to proceed. A Safeguard Mechanism should force Australia’s biggest polluters to actually cut emissions at their facilities, not on paper. See our Action of the Week

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