School Strike

School Strike 4 Climate 3 March 2023

Once again Sydney Knitting Nannas supported the students at the School Strike 4 Climate event on Friday afternoon. However, numbers were down this year due to the rain.

“It was a shame the downpour dampened everyone, but not our spirits,” said Nanna Keelah. 

Hunter and Central Coast Nannas had travelled to the event with messages for Perrottet and other politicians about the anti protest laws and the Hunter Gas Pipeline.

Sydney and Hunter Knitting Nannas at the School Strike 4 Climate
Sydney and Hunter Knitting Nannas at the School Strike 4 Climate

The skies opened during the speeches at Town Hall. Everyone was soaked through from the deluge. Town Hall square was awash. but the students were undeterred and decided to march to Hyde Park anyway. ‘We’re going ahead with the march …. we’re all soaked already’. Nannas were not so keen, the rain being too fierce to manage the banners and placards.

School Strike 4 Climate
School Strike 4 Climate – 3 March 2023

The students say: We know we’ve seen it all. Floods, bushfires, droughts, and yet the government does nothing to face the climate crisis. When our future is under attack, what do we do? Stand up fight back!

We demand:

  • NO new oil, coal, or gas projects, including the Adani mine
  • 100% public renewable energy and exports by 2030
  • Fund a just transition and job creation for fossil fuel workers and their communities
  • Real carbon cuts, NOT OFFSETS
  • First Nations led solutions that guarantee land rights and care for Country

They are frightened for their future and are disappointed and angry about the lack of government action after the recent extreme fires and floods.

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