Warning gas disinformation week

The Australian gas industry’s conference is on this week and their hands are out for government funding. They’re desperate to appear relevant in a changing world. But don’t be fooled…….

Qatar, one of the world’s largest and most efficient gas producers, will increase gas production by 64% in 2025/7. Qatar can produce gas cheaply because the new gas fields are close to shore and like US gasfields they produce oil too. A global glut of gas in 2027 is expected to reduce gas prices and squeeze out other players. 

Misinformation is false information that is spread due to ignorance, or by error or mistake, without the intent to deceive.

Disinformation is knowingly spreading false information designed to deliberately mislead and influence public opinion or obscure the truth for malicious or deceptive purposes. Electoral Integrity Assurance Taskforce disinformation fact sheet

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