Good News 26 May 2023

Good News 26 May 2023

Lots more good news this week so click on the image to go to links to articles and more good news.

Victoria’s rapid exit from native forest logging is welcome – and long overdue The Conversation

First big battery in world’s biggest isolated grid charges up for first time in WA Renew Economy

France bans short-haul domestic flights that could be made by train ABC News

36 year old UN treaty is protecting the Arctic today Yahoo!News

Researchers discover endangered bum-breathing turtles in Queensland creek ABC Wide Bay

Global solar power investment set to overtake oil spending for first time, International Energy Agency says ABC News

Whale-watching season takes off in Sydney The Guardian

Rabbit, deer and sea urchin among invasive species being cooked up creatively by hobbyist hunters ABC Northern Tasmania

Nesting boxes with infrared, radio technology to help save vulnerable native animals ABC Sunshine Coast

New hope for Manning River turtles as they mate for first time at conservation park ABC Mid North Coast

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