Good News 9 April 2021

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Surge in farmers wanting to create wildlife corridors on their land

Rowley Shoals shows what’s possible when ecosystems are untouched by humans

HalfCut heroes raise over $100,000 to reforest degraded rainforest ecosystems

Proxy adviser backs activists against Woodside and Santos Advisers to institutional investors, CGI Glass Lewis, backs calls for Woodside Petroleum and Santos to report on how they will manage spending to align with Paris climate goals, escalating pressure on the oil and gas producers to cut emissions. Glass Lewis, stopped short of supporting Market Forces’ push for management to lay out plans to close down operations.

Labor policy to roll out community batteries to store rooftop solar electricity Rooftop solar electricity generated during the day would be stored in community batteries for use in the evenings, further reducing electricity bills. It’s more efficient to build a single community battery for, say, 100 households, than every household having to buy and pay for the installation and maintenance of its own battery. The McKell Institute has produced a report, Power to the People, analysing the economics of community batteries.

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