Good News 3 Dec 2021

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Challenge to WA’s decision to approve Woodside’s plan to develop Pluto Train 2 project. This is the second challenge to Scarborough from the Conservation Council of Western Australia, with the first being launched in December last year and set for its first hearing next month. Natural Gas World

Victoria to host biggest wind farm in southern hemisphere as turbines win final approval Brisbane Times

Monash grants licence to fossil-free ammonia breakthrough to new start-up. Ammonia, produced in large quantities for use as a fertiliser, is responsible for around 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with around two tonnes of carbon dioxide released for each tonne of ammonia produced using fossil gas. Renew Economy

South Australia grid just one step away from operating with wind and solar only Renew Economy

Australian company developing zinc-bromide battery technology lists in UK for $285m. Zinc-bromide gel is safer, longer-lasting, cheaper form of storage than lithium batteries. The Guardian

Good news for koalas – Plan for a quarry expansion in South Gippsland has been withdrawn. The Fish Creek/Lavers Hill Quarry expansion would have destroyed a key koala corridor and a stand of the recently FFG listed Gippsland Bog Gum. Friends of the Earth Melbourne Newsletter

Simply Energy expands virtual power plant network to NSW Renew Economy

Snapchat’s Gen Z user base getting augmented reality look at Great Barrier Reef. Users are able to help bring the reef back to life both virtually and in reality, with every swipe equalling one heat-tolerant coral planted by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. The aim is to plant one million such corals over summer. NCA Newswire

First full-scale hybrid floating wind and wave energy platform bound for Canary Islands Renew Economy

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