Good News 14 Jan 2022

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Farmers buy back land earmarked for controversial coal mine in northern NSW food bowl ABC News

World’s largest coal port to be 100% powered by renewable energy The Guardian 

Ultra-low cost solar gets federal funding boost Renew Economy

One of Australia’s biggest landholders takes on gas giant Santos in Northern Territory supreme court The Guardian

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural precinct Ngurra to be built in Canberra ABC News

Extinction Rebellion activist has chalk message case thrown out by Perth magistrate The Guardian

Sydney to Brisbane for $525 in electric converted prime mover – battery swap Big Rigs

Rare sighting of blanket octopus in Great Barrier Reef The Guardian

Tasmanian devil released back into the wild after recovering from major leg injury ABC News

Denmark to make domestic flights fossil fuel free by 2030 BBC News

Chrysler aims to be all electric by 2028 abcNews

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