New Koala film

Last week Sydney Knitting Nannas went to Parliament House for the launch of a film KOALAS – the hard truths by Simon Reeves. Now the film is available for all to see on YouTube. Please watch this 18 minute film about the threats to koalas from dogs, cars and the loss of habitat due to development, and meet the amazing people who are trying to protect them.

Many good people are doing different things to save koalas. The speakers at the event all agreed that TIME is critical. Habitat, where ever it is, must be protected now and the NSW Government strategy doesn’t address this central problem. We need federal legislation to protect koalas nationally. Diseases are many and are caused largely by stress as koalas try to survive in circumstances that aren’t their natural lifestyle.

Please sign and share the e-petition to the NSW Legislative Assembly

Sydney Nannas have been campaigning to save Sydney’s koala population from the Lendlease development at Mt Gilead, near Campbelltown.

Suggestions from NSW Independent MP Justin Field in the Koala National Park debate.

” The NSW Coalition Government is driving the koala towards extinction. This is my contribution in strong support of legislation to create a Great Koala National Park on the Coffs Coast.

The Government is throwing $193 million at their Koala Strategy but ignoring the cheapest and most effective action – protecting public forests on public land from logging by Forestry Corporation – a state owned entity.

Approximately $107 million of the Koala Strategy funding is supposed to be used to protect an additional 22,000 hectares of koala habitat. I have calculated that to buy out associated wood supply contracts and compensate affected timber workers, the government could protect 27,000 of critical koala habitat in state forests in the mid-north coast for around $30 million.

It’s an environmental and economic no brainer.”

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