Good News 1 July 2022

As well as the above, more good news and links to articles are available if you click on the image.

Native fish in abundance in Queensland after floods improve habitat, diet, health ABC News

Chinese car firm builds electric battery that enables 1,000-km on single charge Business Standard

Rio Tinto joins Gates to back renewable hydrogen startup as miners look to future tech Renew Economy

Methane-reducing seaweed asparagopsis on sale after years of research ABC Rural

All charges dismissed for four Cherry Tree State Forest protectors arrested in November  Stand Up For Cherry Tree Forest

Clean energy sector says big batteries, pumped hydro can solve crisis Sydney Morning Herald

Aboriginal farmers in WA sow the seed for carbon credits and land restoration ABC News

Electric boats cheap to run, environmentally friendly and interest in them is growing ABC News

Rare Arckaringa daisy, only found near Coober Pedy, protected under scheme ABC North and West SA

Humpback whales’ migration along Australia’s east coast best time to hear marine animals sing ABC News

Gecko forges unlikely animal friendship with pygmy possum family in WA ABC News

WA targets more than 1,000 standalone power systems, with $37m funding boost Renew Economy

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