Good News 29 July 2022

Click on the image for more good news and links about pygmy perch back in the Murray, Australian turning desert into forests, renewable production of urea, Enova Energy spared from liquidation, increase in fur seals, oranges in season.

Bob Brown Foundation wins legal case against mine tailings dam approval in Tassie’s Tarkine rainforest ABC News

Matraville residents claim victory over plans for waste to energy incinerator ABC News

Labor restores ARENA’s renewables focus Energy Source and Distribution
Bowen frees ARENA from Taylor’s fossil fuel mandate, puts focus back on renewables Renew Economy

Transgrid ticks off first ISP job: Queensland-NSW interconnector upgrade Renew Economy

‘Worse than tobacco’: Climate activists push for ban on fossil fuel ads Sydney Morning Herald

Endangered, culturally significant southern pygmy perch back from the brink in Murray River ABC Riverland

Australian agronomist Tony Rinaudo is turning African deserts into forests ABC News

Cheap, renewable production of urea to make fertiliser and diesel additive Sydney Morning Herald

Enova Energy spared from liquidation by deal with fellow small retailer Renew Economy

Improving the environment and delivering economic and social wins Sydney Morning Herald

A fur seal population increase over recent decades has seen more in Sydney’s harbour and beaches Video on Sydney Morning Herald

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