Nanna’s end of year get together with friends

Happy Nannas with the EDO as Santos loses an appeal
Nanna Purl joined the Sydney Nannas and Friends in Martin Place on Friday for their end of year get together. Sydney Nannas gathered at their pre-Covid meeting place at 52 Martin Place. Here Nanna Purl could sit quietly on a bench and watch the many passers by. She blended in well with the Nannas so it took a while for people to realise just how photogenic she is.

Sean from North East Forest Alliance stopped for a chat about protecting koalas and native forests. Karen Freyer, Independent candidate for Vaucluse, listened to our concerns about koalas, native forests, the Narrabri Gas Project and its Hunter Gas Pipeline.

It was a great day for Nannas – 

  • being back together in the city rather than seeing one another in a zoom rectangle
  • meeting a smart, interesting and hopeful young woman candidate for NSW parliament who wants to make change, 
  • hearing the latest from the fight to save native forests in the north east of NSW
  • making a video around the enormous Xmas tree 
  • appreciating the public’s attention and enthusiasm for what we do

To cap off a good day we bumped into the jubilant young lawyers of the EDO who had just found out that Santos had lost its appeal against a landmark decision that overturned approvals for its $4.7 billion Barossa offshore gas project. This is a victory for the Traditional Owners of the Tiwi Islands.

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