Nanna visits Takayna

New Nanna Cathy has recently visited the blockade in Takayna in the northwest of Tasmania. Here is her story……

Takayna is the Bob Brown Foundation’s frontline defending ancient temperate rainforests from Forestry Tasmania and mining companies MMG and Venture Minerals.

MMG get out of Takayna

The Chinese state-owned MMG is proposing the construction of a massive toxic, acid-producing heavy metals tailings dam which will flood the valley to the depth of 50 metres fully submerging these ancient trees and destroying large areas of Takayna, home for many species including the Masked Owls, Wedge-tailed Eagles, Spotted-tailed Quolls and Tasmanian Devils that depend on it.

I met many of the passionate environmentalists from the Bob Brown Foundation, including Scott a local who has defended the area for the past 17 years and Viola Barnes, known to visitors as Tyto who was in the tree canopy for 72 days to highlight the risk to the rainforest.

Nanna Cathy in the ancient, beautiful rainforest

It defies belief that Takayna’s spectacular coast, rainforest, rare wildlife and remarkable Aboriginal cultural landscape, still awaits World Heritage listing, National Park protection, and return to Aboriginal ownership. To learn more about Takayna, Australia’s largest temperate rainforest and the second largest in the world, go to Bob Brown Foundation’s campaign


Scott is based in Burnie and extended a warm welcome to all Nannas if they are down in the area to visit the blockade. Scott can be contacted through the Bob Brown Foundation.

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