Nannas on the Job

Sydney Nannas have been busy in recent weeks attending court cases and joining like-minded groups to protest against NAB bankrolling the expansion of coal mining in NSW.

 Whitehaven Coal Actions

Nannas continue to follow closely the many court cases against Whitehaven Coal’s environmental and safety breaches. The most recent group of cases are about breaches of safe blasting practices and pollution at their Maules Creek mine, which led to a spate of noxious NO2 fume events.

Last week Nannas joined a snap rally organised by Move Beyond Coal in response to Whitehaven Coal announcing they were starting construction on a smaller version of the Vickery Coal mine in north-west NSW. The rally was held at NAB Headquarters to call on them to stop bankrolling Whitehaven’s environmental and climate disasters.

Did you know that Whitehaven is planning to double its coal production by 2030? That is their only plan in spite of how clear the science is that a quick transition to renewables is essential, with no new fossil fuel mines.

Milton Ulladulla Nannas

A big shout out to the Knitting Nannas of Milton Ulladulla District for their part in protecting “Big Spotty”, the largest spotted gum in Australia, possibly the world. For 500 years this tree has stood 72 metres high in the Brooman State Forest. But NSW Forestry has slated the logging of the trees surrounding her for September.

Protect "Big Spotty"

Knitting Nannas Chris and Larri joined with forest protector Takesa Frank in supporting a motion to the Shoalhaven Council brought forward by Councillor Moo D’Ath.

Council responded by unanimously voting to lobby the state government to stop NSW Forestry from logging the area, and calling on them to develop a long term plan to protect to area. This is a step forward in protecting the 255 ha Compartment 50A in the North Brooman State Forest!

Nanna Gatherings – 10-12 May

Meanwhile many Nannas are busy with preparations for two days of action in the city and our conference on March 12.

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