Good News 5 Aug 2022

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Climate target bill passes lower house after being amended by Greens and ‘teal’ crossbenchers ABC News

Energy Australia withdraws application for a waste to energy project at Mt Piper 

Three new marine parks announced for Buccaneer Archipelago in WA’s Kimberley region ABC News

Tanya Plibersek says she will block Clive Palmer’s proposed coalmine near Great Barrier Reef The Guardian

20,000 people force parliament to debate ending native forest logging Nature Conservation Council

Fresh bid to halt Scarborough gas project The West Australian

Great Barrier Reef coral cover at record levels after mass-bleaching events ABC News

Experts say wave power generator ‘proves ocean energy can work’ and is already powering Australian homes ABC News

No new gas connections for ACT homes and businesses from 2023 under plan to phase out fossil fuels ABC News

Disposable printed paper battery, activated by water, may help reduce electronic waste ABC News

Regional towns look to community batteries as renewable energy solution ABC News

Outback in bloom as floodwaters travel hundreds of kilometres into Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre ABC News

Gold Coast school jumps onboard electric school bus trial to inspire curious young minds ABC News

Advocates say two-wheeled EVs a cheaper, greener option to de-carbonise transport ABC News

Jellyfish filmed by scuba diver off Papua New Guinea could be rare or new species ABC News

Iguanas reproducing on Galapagos island, more than a century after disappearing ABC News

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