Good News 27 Jan 2023

This Week's Good News 27 Jan 2023
This Week’s Good News 27 Jan 2023

News and links to gas pipeline construction halted, NSW EPA has ‘teeth’, new tech for batteries, the wonders of seaweed, wholesale power price falls, Tasmanian devils breeding program progress.

Australian Government gas regulator halts Santos Barossa gas pipeline construction Environmental Defenders Office

NSW EPA finally has the regulatory ‘teeth’ to help reduce emissions and protect communities Environmental Defenders Office

“Greener and cheaper:” Deakin Uni extracts silicon from solar panels to make batteries Renew Economy

Food, feed and fuel: global seaweed industry could reduce land needed for farming by 110m hectares The Guardian

Wholesale power prices fall on renewable energy output to bring consumer relief ABC News

AEMO report confirms wind and solar best cure for fossil fuel hyper-inflation Renew Economy

Tasmanian devil joeys successfully audited in Aussie Ark mainland breeding program ABC News

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