Incinerator information & question for NSW election candidates

Plans for Waste to Energy Incinerators in regional areas of Lithgow, Tarago and Casino

Nannas are calling for real solutions to the waste crisis, and a ban on polluting incinerators. In response to community campaigns, a NSW government regulation has stopped incinerators in Matraville and Western Sydney, hopefully forever.

Nannas continue to call for this toxic process to be banned everywhere – it’s not safe in Sydney and it’s not safe in regional communities. Incinerators in Lithgow, Tarago and Casino have not been ruled out.

The industry argues that Energy from Waste is a Win Win – they burn waste that’s difficult to recycle and you get electricity, so what’s the problem with that?


Incinerators produce Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) also called “forever chemicals” such as dioxins and furans, along with heavy metals. POPs from incinerators find their way into the food chain and environment.

Incinerators don’t have filters that can stop the nano particles entering the atmosphere. There is no safe level of these pollutants, which would be added to our already polluted air. Children are at the most risk from the pollution.

Incineration leaves extremely toxic ash. There will be attempts to reuse it in roads and buildings, leading to leaching into the environment and further health risks.


Energy from waste produces very dirty energy. To make the same amount of energy as coal an incinerator releases 5 times as much C02, 28 times more dioxin and many times more mercury and sulfur dioxides.


We’re at the crossroads in NSW – the Perrottet government needs to ban incineration not least because it undermines the real solutions: preventing, reducing, reusing, repurposing and recycling waste.

We can all do our bit to avoid and recycle waste, but the big changes require urgent government action.


Do you support waste to energy incinerators in Sydney and/or in regional areas?

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