How to cast your vote

How to cast your vote

Voting in the NSW election differs from the Federal election because preferential voting is optional, making it harder for independents and minor parties to get elected. So don’t waste your vote, number your preferences. See below.

You can vote

  • a week before the election at selected pre-polling booths
  • apply for a postal vote if you can’t get to a polling booth on voting day  
  • vote on Saturday 25 March 8am – 6pm

You will be given two ballot papers:

  1. A small one for the Legislative Assembly (Lower House) listing candidates who want to represent your electorate
  2. A large one for the Legislative Council (Upper House) listing candidates from all over NSW competing for one of the 21 places available.

Voting for the Legislative Assembly (Lower House)

Put a number 1 in the square next to the candidate you want to elect first. We suggest you continue numbering your preferences because if your first choice does not get enough votes your vote will be discarded. It is up to you how many choices you show after your first preference.

Voting for the Legislative Council (Upper House)

The large ballot paper has a thick line running across it, with group voting squares above the line and columns of candidate voting squares below it. You must vote either above the line for groups or below the line for at least 15 individual candidates.

For more information go to the NSW Electoral Commission

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