NSW election resources kit

Sydney Knitting Nannas & Friends have agreed that their climate activism this year will include lobbying our sitting MPs and other candidates in the lead up to the NSW State Election to be held on March 25th, 2023.

We believe the state election is an important opportunity to pressure sitting MPs and any alternative candidates to adopt policies that will better protect our environment, biodiversity, and climate.

The election of the Albanese government in 2022 and pressure from Independents and others has signalled a positive change of direction for climate and Australia’s environment. However, it would be foolish to forget the state governments’ role in making decisions about climate policy, fossil fuel projects, institutional and planning reform. Now is the time to hold our sitting members accountable and to build relationships with candidates who may play a role in future governments.


Information sheets and suggested questions for candidates about issues important to Nannas. These are a guide only, but please use whatever is helpful or relevant to you.

After March 2023 Nannas want a state government informed by the overwhelming scientific evidence that warns immediate action must be taken to protect land, native animal habitats, water, and air quality for the sake of future generations. We want a government that supports and protects the rights of indigenous peoples over the commercial exploitation of natural resources. And most importantly we want to see our state leaders commit to keeping fossil fuels in the ground and instead fast track the necessary investment in renewable energy.

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