Good News 3 Feb 2023

Good News 3 February 2023

There is lots of good news around solar energy and batteries this week and if you switch to an ethical super fund, its the third most effective thing you can do to fight climate change.

UNSW rooftop solar mapping tool puts power in consumer hands – for free Renew Economy

ACT switches on its first big battery on path to full electrification Renew Economy

How solar farms can double as havens for our wildlife Renew Economy

35 neighbourhood batteries to be rolled out for Ipswich’s excess solar energy generated by households Renew Economy

Switching to an ethical super fund is the third most effective thing people can do to fight climate change Brisbane Times

Electric and hybrid vehicles win new on-road discounts in ACT MSN

Global clean energy investment tops $US1 trillion, sits neck and neck with fossil fuels Renew Economy

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