Good News May 27 2022

Click on the graphic for more good news with links to articles also on climate credentials essential for lending, pastoral company and traditional owners resisting gas exploration, last major telco commits to 100% renewables and high hopes for eastern quoll.

Speak out against fracking the NT

What a fascinating week lies ahead as we find out more about the election winners and how the battle lines for real climate action were redrawn on Saturday night.  Nannas applaud and congratulate everyone who worked hard for a change of direction towards a safe future for the kiddies.

Good News 20 May 2022

Click on the image to go to news article links and more good news about New Zealands plan to get low-income earners into hybrid and electric cars, renewable jobs in Newcastle, transitioning from coal to renewables and ‘night time solar’ research.

Nannas march to Minerals Council

Knitting Nannas from Sydney, Hunter, Mid Coast, Gloucester and Illawarra gathered in Martin Place yesterday to talk to people about voting for Climate Action. They marched from Martin Place to the Minerals Council’s office chanting “Money for nurses, money for schools, no more money for fossil fuels” and “What do we want, a federal ICAC,Continue reading “Nannas march to Minerals Council”

Climate Election

Knitting Nannas from up and down the coast are coming to Sydney’s CBD to speak up for the kiddies’ futures on Friday May 13. From 11am they will gather in Martin Place near Elizabeth Street before marching to the Minerals Council premises and then to the top end of Martin Place.