No incinerators in regional areas

Incinerators in regional areas are not a solution for our waste and plastics problem. Incinerators run on gas, a fossil fuel, they burn plastic, which is made by ’cracking’ crude oil and gas then adding other chemicals and colours. The steam by-product releases CO2, carbon monoxide, methane, dioxins and other toxic gases into the atmosphere.Continue reading “No incinerators in regional areas”

Stop Whitehaven’s vandalism – increase fines

Whitehaven Coal is well known for their environmental offences in and near their mines in North West NSW. The most recent fine of $30,000 issued by the EPA was for polluting a creek near the Tarrawonga mine. This was their third offence of this type in two years. In August this year they were convictedContinue reading “Stop Whitehaven’s vandalism – increase fines”